Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Supply & Installation

The kitchen has now become the central hub of most homes, at Magma Worktops we realise that beauty and perfection need to go hand in hand to create a relaxing and controlled environment.


NEW We offer these services for both indoor kitchens and outdoor kitchens

We can even build your dream outdoor kitchens to make the most of the sun


At Magma we have been thinking about introducing outdoor kitchens into our portfolio of work for some time now as we have watched summers get warmer and longer we have decided its time to offer our customers the option to go outside and make the most of our weather and gardens to there full potential.

I personally grew up in South Africa and was raised spending most weekends around family and friends doing
traditional South African BBQ’s (BRAAIS).

There are so many options these days as far as it comes to cooking grills and things you can do with your outdoor kitchen. Each outdoor kitchen we do is unique and tailored to our customers’ individual needs and garden landscapes to create a truly beautiful cooking and entertaining area where you can wow your guests, the summer BBQ will never be the same again be the envy of your guests.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience we know how to create a functional outdoor cooking area providing enough surface areas for prep and resting cooked foods etc.

We believe in only using top quality products and when we design your outdoor kitchen we have all the information on the top grills and pizza ovens to hand so there is no need for endless searches on the internet trying to find all the answers we have them ready for you.

We can design outdoor kitchens big and small from just a small bbq to the full monty with gas, charcoal grills, pizza oven and fridges, drawers, doors and fire pits if you can dream it we can build it.


With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we specialise in giving our customers the kitchen of their dreams.

We Supply Kitchen Worktops In The Following Locations

AshAshfordAylesfordBexleyheathBroadstairsCanterburyChathamCranbrookCrayfordCrockenhillDartfordDealDoverDunton GreenDymchurchFavershamFingleshamFolkestoneGillingham
GravesendHamstreetHerne BayHextableHildenboroughHytheKemsingMaidstoneMardenMargateMeophamNew Ash GreenNew RomneyNewnhamOld BexleyRainham
RamsgateRochesterSandwichSevenoaksSheernessSittingbourneStoneStroodSutton ValenceSwanleyTenterdenThanetTonbridgeTunbridge WellsWellingWesterhamWhitstable

Below are a few examples of what we do..

  • On-site Quartz & Granite Modifications & Cutting Service
  • Supply & Delivery Specialists in the Supply of Quartz Kitchen Worktops & Granite Worktops, Counter-tops, Vanity Tops & Fire Hearths
  • Free On-site Templating: We will pattern the area before cutting.
  • Polished & Fitted: We will polish & fit all work after cutting.
  • Chopping Boards ? Yes, we will give you a FREE chopping board to match your new kitchen.
    (subject to available materials)


6 reasons why Quartz Kitchen Worktops are the best value

  1. They are more durable.
  2. They come in many colours and variations.
  3. They are easy to clean.
  4. The non-porous surface will not harbour bacteria and viruses.
  5. They are opulent whilst being affordable.
  6. There is more control over the appearance of your worktop.

5 reasons why Quartz Kitchen Worktops are better than granite

  1. Quartz worktops are naturally more hygienic than granite.
  2. Quartz is easier to keep clean and maintain.
  3. Quartz has a more uniform design than granite.
  4. Quartz is more durable than granite.
  5. Quartz does not require sealing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is quartz worktop better than granite?
Quartz can be a better alternative to granite for a few reasons. Quartz stone has become a very popular choice for use in kitchens in comparison to it’s close competition of granite or marble. Quartz is as strong as granite yet it is virtually non-porous making it more durable, also with it’s absorbency reduced to a minimum it doesn’t require sealing year on year as does granite making it virtually maintenance free. Quartz also has the benefit of being more flexible than granite and so less likely to chip or crack. Contact Magma Worktops for all your questions regarding Quartz & Granite Worktops.
Are quartz worktops more expensive than granite?
Quartz worktops are not more expensive than granite, in fact they are generally mid-price compared to granite depending on the supplier and branding, so generally a cheaper option and much easier to look after once installed. Contact Magma Kitchen Worktops for all your Quartz & Granite Worktops in Kent
Are quartz worktops worth the money?
Quartz is absolutely worth the money and very affordable, although there are cheaper options available. You cannot beat the opulent feel & appearance of this tough stone, it comes in many colours and variations to suit even the fussiest customers. Contact Magma Kitchen Worktops for all your Quartz Worktop options in Kent
Does quartz need to be sealed?
Quartz worktops do not need to be sealed like Granite worktops. Quartz worktops offer a glamorous and virtually maintenance free option to your kitchen and are non-porous so never need to be sealed. Contact Magma Kitchen Worktops for all your Quartz Worktop Supplies in Kent
Does quartz emit radon?
Yes they do but the amounts are negligable and nothing to worry about. Quartz contains naturally radioactive uranium, thorium and potassium. However, studies show the hazard of radon is insignificant in quartz worktops. Contact Magma Kitchen Worktops for all your Quartz & Granite Worktops in Kent
Can quartz worktops stain?
Quartz worktops do not require sealing and will not stain with normal use in the kitchen, that said it is advisable to clean up spills such as tea, coffee, wine and fruit juices as quickly as possible. These durable worktops are stain resistant and not stain proof and you would not generally be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee for damage caused by items such as paint, solvents & permanent markers.
Can you put hot pans on quartz?
Quartz worktops are heat-resistant but very hot direct heat can cause damage. It is highly recommended to use a trivet or other protective surface to protect your Quarts Worktops when using hot pans etc to avoid damaging your work surfaces. Where possible Magma Kitchen Worktops will provide you with a Quartz chopping boars made from the sink cut-out. Contact Magma Worktops for your perfect Quartz Worktops supplies in Kent
How do you clean quartz worktops?
To clean your quartz worktops use a non-abrasive cloth with mild washing up liquid and warm water then ensure you thoroughly rinse with clean water, to finish buff with a soft dry cloth.
Are quartz worktops expensive?
The price of these stunning, durable, ageless & practical quartz worktops are comparable to mid-priced granite.
Are quartz worktops environmentally friendly?
Quartz worktops are environmentally friendly and help with the ever important green revolution since they contain waste materials of approximately 93% natural stone quartz which is combined with 7% bonding agent, this in turn adds to it’s durability and resistance to stains making it a great long lasting option, and is even recyclable. See Our Range of Environmentally Friendly Quartz Worktops at Magma Worktop supplies in Kent
Can you use quartz in bathrooms?
Quartz can be used in bathrooms and is actually much better than granite, because of it’s non-porous quality making it is resistant to staining. Along with this quartz doesn’t require sealing so you can be confident in keeping it perfectly clean. At Magma Worktops Our Quartz Worktops Are Perfect For Bathroom Installations.
Are quartz worktops worth the money?
Quartz worktops are definitely worth the money, and yes there are cheaper worktop options available, but the quality, durability, natural beauty and feel of quartz makes a bold statement in any kitchen or bathroom at a very affordable price. See Our Full Range Of Quartz Worktops At Magma Worktops In Kent
Where is best to buy quartz worktops?
Visit Magma Worktops for your perfect Quartz Worktops supplies in Kent